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Hey everyone! So, I’ve been looking back on some files and came across these here. Back in the day when I worked on this comic I never posted the process that came behind it, so I decided that no time like the present. 

Not only was I lucky enough to work on Justice League Beyond, a spinoff of one of my favorite tv shows (as well as anything Bruce Timm), but I got the privilege to help design the Beyond incarnation of the Flash. Along with the writer, Derek Fridolfs, and DC editor, Alex Antone, we all came together to come up with the visual aspect of Danica. Derek had already written the character so we had a good idea of who she was and what made her the new Flash, but we still had to create her costume, and there’s where I came in. Here you can see the process and the first few designs for her costume, I also attached my favorite sequence from the original JLB issue inked by the writer himself! And my tribute to the character, hoping to get to draw her again soon!

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Initial concept designs for the Gretel game for the Concept Design Class. Right know the  idea is to keep the Fairy Tale feeling to the story. Transforming the Witch into a more Magic using character and Gretel slowly learning magic to defeat her and rescue her brother. Grimm is a taffy metamorphic creature and Chronon is a bug-like god easily attracted to sweets. In the future I will play more with the idea of the Black Forrest and the color scheme will probably be a very cool one with saturated warms to pop things out.

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